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Our Guarantee - Our Promise - Our Warranty

Ask your current marketing vendor for these three items.

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The Guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with our product, service, value and support after your anniversary date of enrollment (1 year), we will refund your entire investment. Our reputation and the success of the BluePages.Pro rests on your complete satisfaction. We do not know of a marketing business and or landing page solution that offers a 100% money back guarantee - we stand behind our product.

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The Promise: We promise to deliver your BluePage.Pro listing landing page built to convert. Your Pro Plan landing page will include all the necessary tools to help you connect exclusively with homeowners seeking your services. For a full list of tools and features for your Pro Plan click here.

Lifetime Warranty Logo

The Warranty: If your BluePages.Pro listing landing page needs something fixed or changed, we will fix it for you. An example, you change your logo - we will fix it, you change your social site link and need it updated - we fix it for you, you want a new video on your page - we have you covered. Just let us know at and we will keep your page alive and up to date.