5 Signs to Just Walk Away or Never Approach

Not all contractors are the same. In fact, some can be downright difficult to work with. Here are five signs it’s time to find a new pro.

1. They Don’t Provide Completion Dates

Any pro unwilling, or unable, to adhere to a timeline is a major cause for concern. Failing to provide a work schedule will complicate your every phase of your job, especially when it comes to payments. Foggy completion dates also make it difficult for your home to function normally. Major holidays, family events and day-to-day activities are hindered during construction, especially during cold and hot weather.

2. They Don’t Have a Business Address

No address is a common sign of an unlicensed contractor. Many unlicensed pros can’t afford an official office and move from area to area in order to stay in business. No physical address will make scheduling repairs and follow-ups difficult. Post office boxes and motel addresses are also suspect.

3. They Downplay Permits

Some pros downplay the importance of permits in order to lower costs. Completing a job without the proper permits can result in unsafe construction and expensive future repairs. Projects that aren’t up to code can also delay sales and even take your home off the market.

4. They Add Additional Costs

Most jobs incur additional costs. But being hit with major expenses mid-project is a problem. In many cases, surprise costs stem from overlooking large material costs or subcontractor hires during the estimation phase. Sudden costs can also be a sign of fraud. Contractors asking for cash or checks made out to an individual is a major red flag. It’s best to outline a protocol for surprise costs in your contract.

5. They Won’t Sign a Contract

Never continue to work with a pro who is unwilling to sign a written contract. Verbal contracts allow shifty builders to wiggle on price, completion dates and job quality. Also, verbal agreements make legal action difficult in the event of fraud or unfinished work. All licensed and trustworthy pros are willing to sign a contract, and even help you write it in some cases.

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